What Topics are Covered in the Australian Citizenship Test


Passing the Australian citizenship test is a mandatory step you take when you apply for Australian citizenship. It assesses your understanding of Australian culture, traditions, laws, and government. The test is supported by a booklet that acts as the study material. This booklet – Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond – introduces six topic areas out of which 4 are testable.
This post will discuss these topics and why they are important pieces of knowledge for would-be Aussies.

The Why Behind the Australian Citizenship Test

Before we explore the different topics covered by the citizenship test of Australia, understand the reason behind this test. This test is just like the Life in the UK test and assesses candidates’ knowledge of local lifestyle and infrastructure. The supporting material introduces the meaning of the citizenship pledge to these people. Note that this pledge is the heart and soul of naturalization where these people commit to upholding Australian liberty, beliefs, and rights.
Our Common Bond tells the candidates what it means to be an Aussie. In addition to educating them about their rights, it tells them the privileges they will receive as a result of becoming citizens. In short, it tells the meaning of the pledge they will take on the day of their Australian citizenship ceremony.

Testable Topics

Australia and Its People
This is the first testable topic area of the test. It explores the history of the country and its people from its first residents to European settlement and modern-day Australia. You will also learn about its states and territories, customs, symbols, and national anthem.  

Australian Democracy
This second testable section of the booklet defines the democratic beliefs on which the Australian government structure is founded. It also mentions the principles that are applicable to common folks to build and maintain civil relations among themselves. Freedom of choice and expression, equality, and liberty make key features of Australian democratic beliefs.

Australian Government and Law
This section outlines a citizen’s duties and involvement in politics as well as the government structure and legal system. You will learn the roles and duties of different levels of the government. In the end, it outlines the law enforcement system within the country together with criminal offenses that might result in the offender being charged or convicted.

Australian Values
This is the last testable section of the citizenship exam. The nation’s values are based on freedom, commitment to the law, equality, respect, and tolerance. Additionally, the country encourages compassion for fellow humans and contribution to society. People also need to pledge their loyalty to Australia as their home country. In essence, it tells you what are the principles that are encouraged in this country and those that are discouraged. For Brits, these rules shouldn’t be new as Australia follows similar civic rules as the UK.

Non-Testable Sections

The booklet also includes two non-testable sections. Studying these sections allows you to understand your role as an Aussie more deeply. But these sections will not be tested in the citizenship exam. The two non-testable parts of this test are Australia Today and Our Australian Story.

Take Away

The Australian Citizenship test covers four topics but the booklet that prepares you for the exam includes six topics two of which aren’t testable. Note that to confidently prepare for the test, you must study the whole booklet including both testable and non-testable parts.

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