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Prepare to become a British citizen (or to get your Indefinite Leave to Remain – ILR) by passing your Life In The UK Test.

We show you how to get ready, provide all the right citizenship test practice questions on the web, and give you free study materials. Access over 50 practice exams and hundreds of practice test questions with no registration required. Just click to get started.

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We Know You Want to Pass Your Life In The UK Test

It’s essential for the next stage of your life here in the UK. That’s why we designed this free resource to help hundreds of applicants pass their citizenship test each month. See how we give applicants like you the best chance to pass their British citizenship test on their first try.

Step 1. Hundreds of Practice Questions

Our question bank has hundreds of practice test questions. They are based on the citizenship test handbook, our research, and user-contributed content. So they are as close to the real questions as possible.

Step 2. Updated Test Web Content

We will always continue to update our website and the resources we provide. As the requirements are changed, we do the same. This gives our users the best chance of passing their Life In The UK Test.

Step 3. Exams Just Like The Real Thing

See how you’d perform under test-like conditions. You get 45 minutes to answer 24 multiple-choice questions in the format like the real test. Study the way you’ll be tested and be prepared to pass.

Life In The UK Web Test Preparation

The purpose of our site is to help you prepare. It’s not a magic wand as you still need to do a lot of work. But we make it easier by having everything you need in one place to get started.

Remember, this is not the official test. However, our questions are so close to the real thing you won’t be anxious or surprised in the real exam.

When you use this website, you access more resources based on the following chapters of the citizenship handbook (Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents) to prepare for the test:

  • The Values & Principles of the UK
  • What is the UK
  • A Long and Industrious History
  • A Modern, Thriving Society
  • The UK Government, the Law and Your Role
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How to Access The Handbook

To Access The Handbook

Get the official 2023 Life In The United Kingdom publication from the Home Office. It’s available in several formats, including e-book, book, PDF download, MP3, and Audio CD.

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To Book The Official Test

You can only book the Life in the UK Test from the official Home Office website. Book at least 3 days in advance and choose from over 30 test centres across the UK.

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To Study for the Citizenship Test

Get ready to answer random 24 questions in 45 minutes. Practice questions based on the official handbook and study guide on British traditions and customs.

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About the Life In The UK Test

The computer-based test covers topics such as British values, principles, traditions, culture, government, law, and the events that shaped British history. You need to answer 24 random questions on these topics in 45 minutes.

The test covers topics most would not know or think to know. So, unfortunately, you really need to know a lot of random facts to have the slightest chance of passing. That’s where we come in.

We’ve compiled all the information you’re required to learn to pass the test. And we’ve put them into our life in the UK web practice test questions and answers to help you learn.

Study by topic with our free chapter tests. Then try our free simulation tests – random questions from all the topics in a test format.

Find out how to study for your UK citizenship test with practice test questions and answers via our Life In The UK Test web access, only available online.

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