How to make yourself ready for Life in the UK Test?, the whole nerve-wracking process of submitting an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) application needs your full attention. If you intend to gain British citizenship, you need to pass through certain phases, and truly speaking, every step has its challenges. For most applicants, it is the fear of failing in the “Life in the UK test.” Yes, the test is absolutely not easy and tricky enough to even confuse the UK natives. Besides, there are chances of inaccuracy in the paperwork that can lead to failure of obtaining citizenship. But the test is always on the top. And that is why you need to make yourself ready for it beforehand.

The candidates feel really anxious about passing this UK life test, but it is the first stepping stone to start the ILR journey. If you have successfully passed the test, you can start working on the application. The best part is that you only have to take it once. It comes with no expiry date, and successful applicants can benefit from the certificate in multiple ways.

Let’s see how you can prepare yourself or what factors you need to think about to get ready for your big day!

How To Book Yourself For The Life In The UK Test?

The very first thing is to book the test for yourself or ask any 3rd party providers to book on your behalf. But remember, asking for help from 3rd party can cost you. Booking is completed online.

So, start your preparation by getting yourself registered officially, for which you need to visit the government’s website. The fee is paid three days in advance for security purposes, either through debit or credit card. For registration, you must have an approved form of your latest ID to submit. The ID is needed to guarantee your respected identity that can be done through your valid passport, biometric residence permits, photo travel document, or any other legal identity card. Moreover, you need to have an operational email address. 

Are you still confused? Do you need some assistance? Feel free to call on 0800 015 4245. It is the Life in the UK Test Helpline that can guide you about test booking efficiently.

Location Of The Centre:

As far as the location is concerned, always choose the nearest center. There are a total of 30 centers all around the UK. You are welcome to book yourself in any as there will be no differences in questions, difficulty level, or security rules.

When Can You Take The Test? 

This computer-based Life in the UK Test can be performed anytime. It comes with no specific dates or deadlines. All you have to be careful is about the time you need for preparation. And yes, also about the time you are left to forward your ILR application. We recommend you to give yourself enough months for satisfactory preparation.

Keep Your Focus On English:

Whenever you are in the preparatory phase, focus on the English language. Your English has to be superb. Being the main parameter, it will help you decide whether you are fully ready or need more time to learn the language.

Are you still lacking in English vocabulary? Waste no time and prepare Life in the UK test by enrolling yourself in a course to reach the language standard that can help you pass the UK test, referred to as ESOL Level 3. The ESOL stands for “English for Speakers of Other Languages.” Whereas Level 3 means competence level. This level of competence is mandatory for understanding the questions. Go for the course that must relate the English language with citizenship test preparation.

For a quick English Language skills evaluation, go for the lesson of Life in UK test provided on the official website.

Life in the UK test material:

Once you have strengthened your English, you can start reading and memorizing the 180 pages long guidebook entitled “Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition)” by the government. It has plenty of facts and dates. Learning this HUGE content can be devastating. So, the most well-organized manner of learning is to move chapter by chapter. Another good idea is to read all five chapters thoroughly for once, without memorizing. It will give you a general idea.

No one can really foretell which type of Life in the UK test questions you will be asked, but all test questions are randomly chosen from this guide. It is categorized into five basic chapters:

Chapter 1 – The Values and Principles of the UK

Chapter 2 – What is the UK?

Chapter 3 – A Long and Illustrious History

Chapter 4 – A Modern, Thriving Society

Chapter 5 – The UK Government, the Law, and Your Role

How Best To Study For The Life In UK Test:

Once you have booked yourself, you have passed the first phase. Now, forward to the next step, which is “test preparation,” the most vital and challenging stage of making yourself ready. Well, there are no shortcuts to ensure that you will surely pass the Life in the UK test in flying colors. Yes, you need to mug up the guidebook, but two other essential factors can help if you are questioning “how to pass life in the UK test.”

Pro tip: Never be dependent on the general knowledge you have currently.

Life In The UK mock tests:

In simple words, LITUK is explained as an exercise that calibrates your learning ability, memory capacity, and understanding skills concerning the culture as well as the history of the UK. 

Based on 24 MCQs, this Life in the UK Test needs wholesome preparation. Simultaneously, going through the maximum number of preparation tests you can is equally instrumental. The most significant source for various kinds of questions that are asked in the test are mentioned in the publication by Home Office, referred to as “Life in the United Kingdom Official Practice Questions & Answers.” It costs nearly £8. Life in the UK test practice makes you perfect. The book comes with a companion application. You can install the app on your smartphone, PC, or laptop. It replaces the need to buy the book.

That’s why you must give a test of multiple sites for better understanding and grasping concepts. With Life in the UK test practice, you will be able to spot your weak areas that need more preparation. 


Online education is exceptional because the data available online is immeasurable.

We vouch for using YouTube for better preparation. You better watch the Kings and Queens series of videos or other clips covering wide-ranging topics such as the Tudors, Middle Ages, Stuarts, Moderns, Georgians, and Normans. Besides, you can simply search using LITUK. There are many helpful learning videos for the UK life test.

How To Make Yourself Ready For Your Test Day?

On your test day, you will stay in the UK test center for around 2 hours. You must reach before the mentioned time to avoid any complications. You will be asked to show the ID that you have chosen for registration. Ensure that the name, as well as address, are similar to the details entered on the test booking link. It will be proof of your presence. Besides, it is advised to take your original document along on Life in the UK Test day.

Dress appropriately because your official photo will be clicked before the British citizenship test starts. Before entering your designated test room, there will be a key to the locker for placing your belongings. Inside the room, you cannot take written material and electronic devices. Even you cannot wear a wristwatch.

For security purposes, the professionals will recheck your ID. Fool-proof plan! Once you are seated at your computer, you will get 4 questions for practice. This Life in the UK practice test will not affect your actual test marks even if you mark them all wrong.

Are you uncertain of any answer? Flag the question and answer it later. After the final submission of your solved paper, the candidate is asked to wait in the waiting room. Your name will be called and you can know the result as pass or fail. On passing, you will get a ‘pass notification letter.’ Keep it safe! It is required as proof for the ILR application to show you successfully and legally passed the Life in UK Test.

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