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We believe in diversity, integrity, and mutual respect. We live by those ideals and aim to make this a safe space for persons seeking to become citizens and permanent residents of the UK.


Everyone should have a chance to learn at a pace and in a way that supports their learning styles. We use technology to make preparing for the citizenship test as simple as possible.

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We continue to update our services and platform based on feedback from our users and what they need to support their journey to becoming British citizens and permanent residents.

What makes us unique?
Improved pass rates

We provide all the resources you need on our site to help you prepare for the test. Our platform is designed to enhance learning and minimize distractions. And our questions are just like what you’ll see in the Life in the UK citizenship exam.

It’s free to use

We understand that not everyone can pay to attend classes or pay for a subscription to access practice tests online. So, instead of leaving it all up to the handbook, we give you free simulation test questions and mock exams to help you prepare the right way to pass your test.

Move at your own pace

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our platform. There’s no rush. Or you can set a deadline to finish in three days. You choose. You set your schedule. So, don’t worry about subscriptions needing to be renewed or limited access to resources. Set your schedule and study at your preferred pace.

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