Be Ready for These Culture Shocks in the UK as a Tourist

So, you are preparing for your months-long trip to the UK, collecting cultural tips, learning to drive, taking the G1 practice test, getting your learner permit, and preparing your documents. Do yourself a favor and also prepare your mind for the culture shocks that lie ahead.
You see, the UK is quite different from Canada. Although you will find that English is the official language in both countries, the accents differ. When you get past this shock, more will wait to present themselves. Here are the top cultural shocks reported by tourists in the UK.


Canada is a metropolitan country that hosts immigrants from all regions of the world. Likewise, it presents a diverse set of languages. The UK is no different. But it’s more versatile in terms of languages because of its local dialects and languages.
The top languages spoken here include English, Welsh, and Polish. But don’t worry, locals are proficient in the English language, so you don’t have to practice other languages to convey your viewpoint in that country.

Electricity Outlets

Canada offers 120 volts of electricity for household power outlets. Naturally, your phone and laptop adapters are built to use this voltage while you use them in Canada.
On the other hand, you will see 230 volts of power outlets in the UK. In other words, your adaptors from your home country will be rendered useless in the UK. Again, you have a solution to this difference in the power outlet. You get the right adaptor from Canada or bring none and only get one from the UK.

Driving is Economical for Country-wide Trips

The UK offers a robust transportation system with a network of buses and subways in its cities. If you want to drive in UK cities, you will have to plan extra costs for parking fees and extra time to find parking slots there. A better option is to use subways in metropolitan areas and reserve your driving skills for long-distance road trips.

Politeness Overloaded

Brits are known for their politeness and tight-lipped communications. You will experience that they use courtesy excessively. That’s a cultural thing and considered good manners among the locals. When you visit the UK, ensure to use polite gestures and words as much as you can.
Also, keep in mind that English people are among the most reserved people in this world. This quality may appear as though they don’t care. Don’t let this feeling ruin your trip. English people are very friendly despite their cold demeanor.

Tea is a Crucial Part of English Culture

Are you a coffee person or a tea person? Brits are known for their love for tea. Chances are that you may change your preferences for tea if you stayed there longer. If you do, make sure you learn some tea-brewing secrets from the locals.

Take Away

The UK – with its beautiful mountains and lakes – presents quite a few attractions for tourists. Plus, you will learn a lot about the local culture during your extended stay in the country. At the same time, be prepared for some cultural shocks that may amaze you if you have anticipated them in advance.

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