Ease of Citizenship: UK vs Canada


UK and Canada are the two most sought-after countries for immigration and citizenship. They are favored because the people consider them easy options for immigration and lucrative choices because of the living standards prevailing in these countries.
But is getting immigration in these countries that easy? This post will compare the ease involved in both options.

Getting Permanent Resident Status

Getting a PR status is easier for Canada than for the UK. When applying for Canadian PR, you need to prove that you have the necessary funds readily available to settle yourself in the country as well as the required skills to build your career there. If you have the right skill set as well as reasonable health and language skills, you should easily get Canadian PR.
Getting permanent resident status – or Indefinite Leave to Remain for non-EEA nationals – in the UK isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to be lawfully in the country for at least 2 years – or up to 5 years depending on your visa – to get the PR. You can get PR based on your skills and career or because of your investment in the country. At the same time, you must prove the financial stability needed to provide for your life in the UK.

Simplicity of the Process

The initial process of applying for permanent residency is easier for Canada than for the UK. The UK offers different tiers of visas for people with different skills, career levels, and investment potential. On the contrary, Canada also offers multiple routes for immigration in its different provinces.

Residence Requirement

Again, the UK has more robust residence requirements for its permanent residents or residents with indefinite leave to remain status. It requires you to stay in the country for at least 5 years before you apply for citizenship.
Canada has a more lenient requirement. You only need to be a permanent resident for four years before you can apply for naturalization. Out of these four years, you must have lived in the country for three years only.

Eligibility Criteria

Both countries require the candidate to spend a definite period in the country. They must have integrated into the community and paid taxes. A citizenship test is a requirement in both cases and you must state your willingness to remain in the country after getting citizenship.
Not that, the Life in the UK test is more difficult than the Canadian citizenship test. The latter boasts an 83% success rate against the former which presents only 76% chance of success.
In the end, both countries vet their citizenship based on their moral conduct in the country and overseas.

Processing Time

Both countries rigorously process citizenship applications. But the UK has remained agile over the pandemic and kept its processing time to six months only. On the other hand, Canada may take up to 2 years to process your application.

Take Away

If you are looking for higher standards of living and better economic growth prospects, Canada or Australia are great options for immigration. Canada is a better option to start with as it allows easier and faster immigration.

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