Life in the UK Test- What Happens if you Fail it?

The United Kingdom is a country that dreams of every person worldwide to live and settle in. The procedure to apply for permanent citizenship and settlement might’ve been a tough call in the past, but now, the Life in the UK test has made it a task easy to achieve for those who wish to live in the United Kingdom. The test is designed to evaluate the person’s knowledge based on British History, the culture, and the values of the United Kingdom.

The test is a rightful criterion to judge the candidate’s information about the UK life test and is comprised of 24 multiple choice questions that are randomly allotted by the database to ensure exclusivity and randomness. The Life in the UK test questions is about British life, traditions, history, politics, and customs. The passing marks are 75%, making it compulsory for the candidate to score a minimum of 18 out of 24 questions.

What happens if you fail it?

After you have applied for the Life in the UK test exam, the person is asked to choose the nearest test center. The test is conducted on the given date, and it takes 45 minutes to complete the test. After completing the test, the results are announced by the test supervisor in 10-30 minutes. If you are fortunate enough to clear the test, you can apply for British citizenship or an Indefinite Leave to Remain.

If you tragically fail the test, then do not lose hope. The world doesn’t end here at all. You won’t get deported from the United Kingdom, and you can still apply for another test after a week or seven days, and there is no limit to the number of tests you can take. But the condition is that you must submit £50 every time you apply for the test. 


If you live in the UK and you wish to have permanent citizenship in the UK, you have to pass the Life in the UK test. If the test is not passed on the first attempt, you will have to retake the test until you clear the test and ensure a reasonable permanent settlement in the United Kingdom. You can apply and appear for the Life in the UK test as many times as you want, as long as you pay for the test every time. 

If you plan to appear for the Life in the UK test again, you have to wait for at least a week after the previous test to register for the next test. You have to revise the whole procedure again; you have to register for the test, pay the standard amount of £50, study the test content over again, and as a final point, take the test on the appointed day again.

You have to make sure to keep the original Identity Card with the exact same ID that you mentioned on the registration form. Otherwise, they would not allow you to take the test. 

Alternative Leave to Remain:

If you are temporarily living in the United Kingdom under the Leave to Remain, you have to ensure that its expiry date is nowhere close. Otherwise, you have to look for alternative leave to remain to make sure that you are legitimately living in the UK and are eligible for appearing in the test. This will avoid many problems.

Apply for Further Leave to Remain:

Living provisionally in the United Kingdom makes you apply for the Leave to Remain that has its limitation of time after which it expires. You have to go to the Home Office to apply for further leave to Remain. This is an essential process because if you’re caught with expired leave to remain, legal action will be taken against you, and you can get deported from your living country or all the countries of the UK. 

Possible Reasons for Failure:

It is important to highlight the possible reasons that can hinder the process of passing the test. For that, you ought to recognize the weaknesses that you experienced in the first test and identify the reasons for failure. The possible reasons that we can share are;

Poor command of the English language:

Since English is the native language of the UK and is the basic most crucial aspect in order to clear the test. There can be a possibility that the candidate's level of English is below Entry Level 1. For improving your English language, you can attend ESOL classes along with British Citizenship classes. This can definitely enhance the level of English up to the standard of the Life in the UK test.

Weak Preparation:

The test has a given study guide that is a helping material for preparing the test. All the questions are from that handbook. If you haven’t read the book thoroughly and kept all the important information at the tip of your brain, you might have a hard time passing the test. The lack of Life in the UK test practice can also be the reason.

How to increase your chances of passing the Life in the UK Test a second time?

Review your test result:

The test results are shown in the LitUK account. You need to browse the “result tab.” With the results, you can have a deeper insight into which questions you answered correctly and which were answered wrong. You can take the help of the handbook to look for the correct answers. The best way is to note them down and memorize them. It reminds you of the answer in case you come across a similar question in the future Life in UK test.

Never consider your notification letter of the British citizenship test a waste. In fact, it is a pretty valuable asset. It plays an essential role in highlighting your weak areas.

Improve your English language skills if needed:

The English language is an important aspect of the test, and if you lack this area, then you need some assistance with the learning of the English language. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) or British Citizenship Classes are a few options for improving English language skills.

Take practice tests:

Practice tests are instrumental in evaluating your knowledge about the syllabus. There are several practice tests available online. The key to passing the actual test is to go through the practice tests again and again to see your weaknesses. It helps you test your knowledge of British history. Life in the UK mock test gives an accurate idea about your preparedness.

Keep on practicing until you reach the desired result. You can assess the level of your preparation through these practice tests very well. How? Because it shows your mistakes instantly at the bottom of the question. 

Read up the handbook:

Life in the UK test exam is entirely made from the handbook provided. The book is named “Life of the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents-3rd Edition,” and there are five chapters that are based on British History, values, customs, and politics. Give this book a thorough read and memorize all the vital information in order to ace the test.

Bottom line:

Life in the UK Test is indeed challenging. So it is imperative to be well prepared for the test and have lots of practice. The main thing is to feel confident about your preparation. We are optimistic that this information will prove helpful for the readers and will help them pass the test. 

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