Are You Exempt from AU Citizenship Test as a Brit

Brits don’t need a paper or stamp visa to enter Australia. The two countries have signed a Visa Waiver Program that allows their citizens to visit the other country with only an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). But immigration is a different process and don’t expect diplomatic relations between the two countries to have a say in your immigration process. And no, you aren’t getting an exemption from the Australian Citizenship Test as a Brit.
Here is the whole process:

Get Permanent Residence Status

The Australian government has strict eligibility criteria to offer permanent residence to immigrants. You need to be below the age of 50 and meet academic, skill, and experience requirements to be eligible. Different visa routes allow foreigners to gain permanent residence (PR) in Australia including skilled immigration and business and innovation visas.

Complete the Residence Requirement

Once you have become a permanent resident, you must reside in the country for four years before applying for citizenship. At the time of application, the applicant must:
Have resided 12 months in the country,
Have not left the country for more than 12 months,
Not have left the country for more than three months in 12 months before application.

Pass the Citizenship Test

Australia presents a notoriously tough immigration process. Before you get intimidated by its toughness, note that the Australian citizenship test isn’t the most difficult step of the whole process. Just like the Life in the UK Test, the Australian citizenship test consists of multiple-choice questions. You have to score more than 75% marks on this multiple-choice test to pass it. Reasonable preparation of relevant material should earn you a pass in a few months.
The purpose of this test is to assess your knowledge and understanding of Australian culture. Its topic areas include Australian values and traditions, history, and national symbols. Only permanent residents can attempt this test.
Again, note that you wouldn’t get any exemption from this test based on your British nationality.

Meet Eligibility Criteria

Other than meeting residence requirements and passing the test, you must also fulfill other eligibility criteria to become an Australian citizen. You need to prove that you will continue to reside in Australia. Also, you need to present a good character to qualify.

After Becoming a Citizen

After meeting these eligibility criteria, you can apply for citizenship. On successful completion of the citizenship process, you can call yourself Australian. Both Australia and the United Kingdom allow their citizens to hold dual nationalities so you can choose to remain affiliated with both countries.
As a citizen, you will be able to serve in the armed forces and public sector, pass on your citizenship to your children, participate in politics, and travel in and out of the country without worrying about a resident return visa.
Additionally, you must also fulfill your citizen duties after getting the privilege. You must obey the local law and defend Australia when the need arises. You must also register yourself on electoral registers and vote when needed.
If you want to hold dual citizenship in Australia and UK, you may have to fulfill your duties for the UK as well.

Take Away

British citizens must go through the same application process as residents of other countries to become Australian citizens. This includes passing the test, meeting citizenship eligibility criteria, and satisfying residence requirements.

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