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The basic thing to know about driving in both of these countries is to follow the left-hand rule. In both countries, people are only allowed to drive on their left-hand side. Also, as the UK has a vast population, comparatively, it will be more challenging to drive in the UK than in Ireland.

Here we have discussed how learning to drive in the UK is different from learning to dive in Ireland.

The UK

Like every normal way to learn to drive, in the  UK, you need to prepare yourself to get a provisional license to learn to drive. The process usually doesn’t take long, depending on how fast you learn. However, the process typically lasts for a couple of months.

You can only take a driving lesson from a professional driving instructor. When you have learned the basic skills, you can take a driving skill test for attaining your license. You can practice driving on roads but should always be accompanied by a license holder.

You must pass the Driving knowledge test at any cost to proceed further. However, you are only provided with a provisional license. The test is straightforward and almost everyone is expected to pass, as very basic questions related to driving and traffic rules are asked.

After passing the theory test, you are eligible to book for the driving test. After usually six months people attain a full license in the UK.


Roads in Both the UK and Ireland are pretty good. The infrastructure is amazing. But, since the UK is populated compared to Ireland, you might have difficulties initially in the UK while driving for the first time.

The process to attain a driver’s license in both the UK and Ireland is almost the same. Northern Ireland has the same process as the UK and a UK driver's license is also valid in Ireland.

The main contrast is that before you may practice driving with an instructor, you must first pass an official driver's theory test. The mock theory test is a simple questionnaire about the basics of driving, including traffic rules. You can study for the theory test at any time and must score 35 out of 40 to pass.

You can prepare for the theory exam by practicing on the theory test in Ireland and answering all forty questions correctly. Theory test Ireland can assist you in gaining the necessary knowledge.

Before taking the official driver's test, you must take at least 12 lessons with a certified driving instructor. Now, you have passed all the theoretical tests, and finally, you can drive with a learner's permit for six months and should be very cautious and safe while driving.

 Always make sure you don’t get into trouble with the authorities in the six-month period otherwise your upgrade to a fully valid license can be in trouble. To avoid being in bad situations, be aware of all the traffic rules and prepare with dedication. 

So, we can say, driving in the UK and Ireland are kind of the same experience, but a bit harder in the UK.

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