Tips For Better Driving In The UK

Driving can be such a hassle sometimes, a driver has to be aware of his surroundings, his vehicle’s reach, and its velocity. No wonder why so many people get pulled over by the cops. 

Sometimes drivers just forget about the speed limit or they park in the handicapped zone or no parking zone. We are not unfamiliar with such news. But hopefully, this article might help you be a better driver. Here are some of the tips to get better at driving in the UK.


Being aware of what is behind you and ahead of you is very important information while driving. This is especially true when one is approaching a roundabout. A good observation helps avoid rear-ending others and helps avoid the driver being hit by others.

A good observation would be checking the road markings before the roundabout and also the lane markings while on it. It also includes being aware of the vehicle in front of you as most roundabout accidents happen when the driver is looking out at the roundabout and the vehicle in front suddenly stops.

Do not trust other vehicle’s indicators

One might think, “Well, it’s the driver’s fault that he turned on the wrong indicators and hence he will pay for the damage, no problem at all.” That is true, but it is better to avoid any type of accident at all as it delays you and others on the road.

So, sometimes drivers turn on their indicators and make an opposite turn (turn on left indicator but turn right) and turn on the indicator to leave the roundabout but continue to go around it. These are the cases when there are high chances of accidents. To avoid these, don't blindly trust others’ indicators and always be ready for the unexpected.

Freeway driving

While on the freeway, it’s a better driving experience in comparison to driving in the city. But there are a lot of things that can go wrong and have gone wrong.

While driving on the freeway, a driver must be proficient enough to match the pace of other drivers. If not it can cause others to hit the brakes which causes a lot of accidents on the freeway.

In addition, there are a lot of navigation apps that help drivers know the intersections and roundabouts. Moreover, automatic transmission also helps drivers focus on the road instead of having to worry about shifting gears.

Changing lanes

It’s such a common mistake that most people make. While changing lanes, always make sure to check the rearview mirror and the front of the road. There is a blind spot in the rearview and the side mirror that most people miss. The blindspot is perfect for a bike to hide and the driver will mostly miss it as it is a comparatively small vehicle.

Car maintenance

Before hitting the road, a driver must check the essentials such as headlights, backlights, indicators, engine oil, gas on the vehicle, brakes, and so on. This seems a pretty normal and common sense thing to do but if speaking facts, most people just check their gas and hit the road. It's better to be safe than sorry. Also, it’s a legal necessity to have papers of insurance while driving on the motorway in the UK.

Distancing and taking breaks

Drivers must maintain a healthy gap between the vehicle at the front and themselves. What it does is give the driver enough time to react if the vehicle ahead suddenly stops. Again, better safe than sorry.

Also, while on a long drive, it’s a good thing to take some time off the wheel and get some air. Fatigued drivers are more prone to accidents and mistakes on the road.

Toll roads

A resident of Britain has surely heard of toll roads, for the outsiders who don’t know, it’s a certain area where you have to pay to drive in. It would not be a problem if all toll roads accept cash payments.

Some of them only accept online congestion charges. Thus, be wary of your route and check if you have to go through a toll road. If you come across one which only accepts online payment but you don’t have any charge left on your phone, good luck finding a net cafe nearby.

Seatbelts on, phone off

Texting and driving is such a common form of accident that people don’t even get surprised when they hear of one. Most drivers have a smartphone of some kind and smartphones are designed to be addictive. But for once, fight your urge to check the phone and text back.

If it’s an emergency, pull over to the side and use your phone. Another common thing most people just don’t care about is the seatbelt. Though wearing seatbelts is legally mandatory in the UK, people forget or avoid wearing them until they see an officer. Seatbelts are for the safety of the drivers in case of accidents.


So, in conclusion, you must pay attention to the road, the road markings, the lane markings, must be very observant, and be wary of your vehicle’s condition. One can never be too careful when it comes to vehicle inspection. In addition to that, keep a good amount of distance between you and the vehicle ahead, if you can see the driver’s hair, just back off a bit. Always check your rearview and side mirrors while switching lanes.

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